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Metal vs. Durable Plastic Binding: Why We're Loving Our Plastic Spiral Coils!

Metal vs. Durable Plastic Binding:  Why We're Loving Our Plastic Spiral Coils!

When it comes to book binding there are tons of choices out there. For Planner and Notebook fans, the spiral coil is a hands down most popular winner.  But which type to choose?  Many may think the metal coil is top notch, but they just might be overlooking the latest in plastic spiral technology, making it a super durable and flexible, not to mention more affordable alternative.  Here's 5 reasons why we're loving our Plastic Durable Flex Spiral Coil Binding.

It's Lightweight But Still Holds Up To Daily Use
Planner afficionados tend to carry their Planners everywhere.  We need them at work, at home, at school, during social club meetings, for church service, and with so many other tasks in daily life.  And the chances that our Planner is the only thing we are carrying is highly unlikely.  More likely, we also have a cup of coffee, our purse, and even more things that we couldn't fit in our purse, and our arms are full.  Durable plastic spiral coils help ease the load by making our Planner just that much lighter to carry.

Let's face it - we can sometimes be brutal with our Planners.  Carrying them here and there, squeezing them into tote bags, grabbing them day and night can put some punishment on the book not to mention its binding.  Those who default to metal coil think it will hold up longest, but in reality, metal coils can get bent and misshapen, making it harder to turn the pages in your Planner.  But plastic coils resist distortion.  Plastic durable spiral coils have greater flexibility to move along with you, retain its shape, and take the beating you know you're going to dish out.

While fossil fuels are used to make both metal and plastic bindings, when compared to the production of metal bindings, plastic production uses only a fraction of the fossil fuel energy required.  When the production processes are compared,1 kg of plastic produces 4 kg of CO2 and 1 kg of aluminum produces 10.6 kg of CO2 - that's greater than two and a half times more carbon footprint!

No Page Slippage or Loss
Ever have a double-wire or wire-o binding book that had its pages slip out of the binding?  If you've experienced this you know that once it starts happening, there's no going back.  You can slip the pages back in only to find they've come right back out again with the next page turn.  And if a large amount of pages have slipped out its almost impossible to get them back in without some binding or Planner damage.  With the plastic spiral coils this will not be a worry for you.

Size Matters
Metal coils can be huge, filling your entire palm when trying to hold your book.  Plastic spiral coil bindings lay more flush with the book, allowing for a good grip on the Planner itself and not constantly having to hold onto metal coils.

Bonus Sixth Reason:  Affordability
Metal coils cost the Planner production company an average of nearly 3 times the amount that plastic spiral coils cost.  This cost is passed on directly to the consumer.  In these times when gas and grocery prices are soaring, every penny counts. 

Plastic Durable Flexible Spiral Coil Binding is the hands down winner in affordability, sustainability, flexibility, page protection and ease of use.  You can see why We Are Loving Our Plastic Durable Flex Spiral Coils!

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