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^^ Add Your Vision Boards to Your Planner!

Send us your Vision Boards and we'll add them to your Planner! In color!!

Here's How:

(1) Select whether you want to add up to 3 boards, 6 boards, or 12 boards to your planner

(2) Make your Planner and Add Ons purchase, including your Vision Boards add on

(3) After purchase, email us a png or jpg file of your vision boards - one file per board
For example, if you are adding 3 vision boards to your planner, you will need to send us a total of 3 png or jpg files - one for each board.
Our email address is:
* Note that most all printers prefer a png file over jpg, for better quality.

Vision boards are printed on one per page. One board will be added at the beginning of each month in your Planner. If you want a specific board for a specific month, just include that in your email when sending the files. Otherwise we will add them in the order in which they were received.

It's as easy as that!

Vision Board Add Ons are not sold alone, only sold as a bonus section of pages added into your Planner purchase.

Q: What if I am ordering a 12 month planner, but only want to send Bella Grace 3 vision boards?
A: We will add them evenly spaced apart in your planner. For example, every 4th month.

Q: I am purchasing the 3 vision boards planner add on. Do I have to send you 3 boards? What if I only want to add 1 vision board?
A: You don't have to send us all 3! You are welcome to send us however many, or few, as you wish.
The order is a maximum number of vision boards, not a minimum.

Q: Can I have all of my vision boards added into the front section of my planner, and not with the months?
A: Sure! Just let us know in the "Add Your Personalization" section and we will do that.

Q: I'm interested in just a book of my vision boards. Do you offer that?
A: Yes we do. That would be a custom order, which we do all the time. Just send us a message with what you are looking for, and we'll send you a price quote. We never charge extra for custom orders, by the way.

Q: What is the color quality of the vision boards when they are printed?
A: The colors depend on the content in the files you send us. The color printing is a beautiful addition, and is "standard", as opposed to "premium" which you would find in coffee table photo books.

Q: Do you make and sell vision boards that we can purchase for our planners?
A: No, sorry, we do not do that. A vision board is very personal and meaningful to the creator. It works best with your own thoughts/ energy / vibe.