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Ten Reasons Daisies Are Special

Ten Reasons Daisies Are Special

Think “Summer” and a few things quickly come to mind.  Sunshine, warmth, lazy days, picnics. and fields of daisies are at the top of the list.   Daisies are bright and cheerful, evoke a sense of purity, freshness, and innocence.  Gifting a friend with daisies symbolizes positivity and new beginnings.  Here are ten reasons daisies are so special.

  1. Daisies are easy to find. Travel about for the day and chances are at some point you will spy a few daisies. In fact, you can travel most of the world and this will be true; they grow literally everywhere but the Antarctic.   Given their bountiful supply most every florist sells them and they are very affordable.
  2. Bees love daisies. Bees are very attracted to daisies.  They serve as the primary pollinator of the flower, picking up the pollen from its yellow center.

  3. The Daisy has two distinct types of petals. Petals in the yellow center are tubular disc petals.  The white petals surrounding the yellow center are known as the ray petals.  Together they evoke the image of a shining sun.
  4. Daisies are edible! They make for beautiful additions to wedding cakes, soups, salads, and other desserts.  They taste great and pack a powerful punch of Vitamin C.

  5. Daisies heal you. In addition to their soothing, calming appearance, they care actually a homeopathic remedy.  Brew a daisy tea and your cough will be alleviated.  In fact, ancient Romans made a daisy juice to aid in healing wounds, relieving back aches, and controlling bleeding.

  6. They go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Their petals close at nightfall and open back up at the dawn of morning.  Their name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “daes eage”, meaning day’s eyes.
  7. They are plentiful. Did you know that there are actually more than 20,000 different species of daisies!
  8. An array of colors. Most familiar is the white petal, yellow center daisy but daisies come in a great variety of colors.

  9. You can grow daisies even if you don’t have a “green thumb”. For all their delicate appearance, the daisy is actually a very hardy plant.  They can grow most anywhere.  Wild daisies can even survive despite an application of pesticides.
  10. You can make a game out of them. Does your crush feel the same way about you?  Just grab a daisy and start pulling of their petals alternating between loves me / loves me not.   

 As you can see, there’s a lot to love about daisies.  Gather up a handful and put them in a vase to add some sunshine and a smile in your home.

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